Adventure park with pulley and climbing on Lake Garda

An adventure on Lake Garda with suspended paths through the trees for adults and children. Have fun among climbing, Tibetan bridges and pulleys. Live a special, adrenaline-filled experience in the adventure park on Lake Garda!

  • for adults and children
  • 3 adventure paths through the trees
  • for bachelor or bachelorette party
  • aperitif for groups
  • souvenir photos and videos
  • 3 paths through the trees: 2-5-15 metres high
  • possibility of an aperitif for groups: 1 bottle of prosecco (every 4 persons) + various snacks
  • equipment
Duration2 Hours or 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Bring along
  • sports clothing
  • trainers or closed-toe shoes
ParticipantsApril to May: midweek or Saturday morning entries by reservation only for groups of 10 people minimum
Important information
  • Last access to the trails is permitted up to 2 hours before closing time (16:00)
  • In the event of a cancellation on our part due to weather conditions rendering the park inaccessible, we will issue a refund of the ticket or provide a change of date.

Further information

Are you looking for an exciting experience combining adventure and nature on Lake Garda? Our Adventure Park on Lake Garda is the perfect choice for an unforgettable day out!Located in a breathtaking natural setting, our park offers 3 adventure trails through the trees, designed to test your courage and skill, making it the ideal place for groups of friends looking for fun and adrenaline.

The experience consists of 3 paths to be completed in about 2 hours, with heights ranging from 2 to 5 to 15 metres.

Adventure trail with pulley and climbing and Tibetan bridges

Among our main attractions, the pulley will let you experience the thrill of hurtling through the trees, offering a unique perspective on the surrounding landscape. It is an experience that combines fun, adrenaline and the natural beauty of Lake Garda, perfect for those looking for a flying experience in the trees.Whether you are a beginner or a climbing expert, we have the adventure route for you. From the climbing adventure route designed for the more daring to the more accessible for those approaching this discipline for the first time, each route is designed to offer safety and fun, with the assistance of qualified instructors.

A tailor-made experience for Adults and Children!

Our Adventure Park for Adults is distinguished by the variety and excitement of the courses, but we also think of the little ones! With dedicated areas and safe routes, it is the ideal destination for families who want to share the thrill of adventure.



Looking for an original idea for a bachelorette or bachelor party? Our adventure park offers a collective experience that strengthens bonds and provides unforgettable memories. Between lianas, Tibetan bridges and zip lines, fun is guaranteed for the bride or groom-to-be and their friends.

Have the groom or bride-to-be arrive blindfolded and make them think they are going bungee-jumping, instead it will be a jump of a few centimetres. It will be fun when they relive the moment by watching the video of the fateful jump.If you like, we will give the celebrants costumes, Jane or Tarzan to make the experience even more fun.

End this adventure by celebrating with an aperitif with bottles of prosecco and snacks (options for vegetarians, vegans and celiacs available).


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