Cooking class: tasting the made in Italy

A real journey into the heart of Italian cuisine. Discover the tradition of Italian cuisine, preparing authentic recipes: tiramisu, fresh pasta... Book your cooking class and discover Made in Italy at the table

  • top italian food experience
  • learning how to make homemade fresh pasta
  • Tasting traditional Italian dishes
  • Cooking lesson with chef: preparation of 2 or 3 recipes
  • Complete lunch/dinner
  • Kitchen equipment and aprons
  • Gadgets
Duration2 Hours, 3 Hours or 3 Hours 30 Minutes
Participants2-8 people (bigger groups on demand)

Further information

When Made in Italy arrives on the table, we talk about Cooking Class!

Have you ever experienced a cooking class made in italy?

An authentic experience that takes us into the heart of Italian tradition, to rediscover traditional and local dishes and flavours. A moment of sharing, to be in company, discovering the secrets of Italian cuisine.
The best moment? Get your hands dirty making homemade pasta.

How does it carry out?

In this cooking class experience you will find everything you need: an apron, the ingredients, and a professional chef ready to share her secrets with you and guide you step by step.
What is missing? All the enthusiasm you can bring.

Let's start with the preparation of the recipe which takes the most time; the homemade pasta is then prepared, kneading by hand following the chosen recipe. The preparation of the 3 recipes takes approximately 2 hours. Once this phase is concluded, it's finally time to sit at the table and enjoy the prepared dishes!

What recipes do we prepare?
We don't want to reveal all the secrets to you, but - a quick spoiler - what is the most famous italian dessert ever that ''lifts your mood'?
You can choose which recipes to prepare, choosing between 2 proposed alternatives.
The chef will contact you before the scheduled date to establish which recipes you will cook.



Menu A - duration 1h30
Preparation of 2 colored pastas (1 filled + 1 tagliatelle/maltagliati/farfalle)
Preparation of 1 pasta + 1 dessert
+ wine (1 bottler every 2 people)
+ water, coffee, bitters
+ cadeau

Menu B - duration 3h30
Preparation of 3 recipes
+ wine (1 bottler every 2 people)
+ water, coffee, bitters
+ cadeau

LASTING : The experience lasts about 3 hours

Share this special experience with whoever you want;
Book your cooking class experience, taste the made in Italy!

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